What is an APECO Special Resident Visa (ASRV)?

The ASRV is a special permanent residency visa acquired by becoming a member of the Aurora Special Economic Zone (APECO), a regional development project established by the national government and provincial authorities as per Republic Act No. 9460 and Republic Act 10083.

What are the benefits?

  1. No age limit.
  2. Permission to study, work, establish a company and conduct business.
  3. Short processing period.
  4. Open ended.
  5. Guaranteed permanent residency.
  6. Freedom to enter or leave the country at any time and stay long term.
  7. Permission to access a variety of different financial services (high interest bank accounts, credit cards, life insurance, securities, and home or car loans).
  8. Suitable for the structuring and preservation of assets (inheritance taxes are only 6% in the Philippines (vs. 55% in Japan), which provides huge advantages and reduces the applicants risk profile by facilitating diversified asset distribution between the Philippines and one's home country).
  9. APECO resort membership (including free accommodation and usage of resort facilities).

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